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Welcome to Corybanter, the central hub for all of my blogs! 

I've been blogging on a variety of subjects since 2007. I blog on a variety of topics: theology, Shakespeare, the Bible, Sherlock Holmes, and more. My very first blog was entitled Corybanter, and it's the name I've given to this main site. (FUN FACT: the name “Corybanter” is based on the word “corybantic,” which is defined by Merriam-Webster as “being in the spirit or manner of a Corybant especially : WILD, FRENZIED.” I discovered this word several years ago, while reading the Oxford Concise English Dictionary.) 

You can visit all of my different blogs below, by clicking on the image near each blog's description. I intend to keep writing on whatever strikes my fancy, so the list below may grow! 

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The Corybantic Blog

Babble, burble, and banter, bypassing banality

My main personal blog, maintained on

It's where share my thoughts on a plethora  of subjects, including (but not limited to): dictionaries, language, grammar, the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and more!

Willy Wigglestick

A Shakespeare Blog

This is where I've been sharing Shakespeare content from across the internet since 2013, including links, reviews, essays and random thoughts about the Bard of Stratford-upon-Avon, Mr. William Shakespeare.

Bites of Bard

A companion to Willy Wigglestick

Some of my favorite passages from Shakespeare's work, with little (or no) commentary. Kind of a "mini-blog."

Baker Street Babble

A home for Holmes online

Sherlock Holmes content from around the Web, including reviews, links, and various thoughts about the World's Most Famous Detective. (The current version on Tumblr is its new home, but you can still see the old Weebly version HERE.)

The Original Corybanter

I first started blogging on Tumblr in February of 2009(not counting an online journal I kept for awhile at Live a bit earlier), and this is its original home. There are still hundreds of posts there, and I like to look back through them from time to time!

Bible Bookshelf

A blog about different versions of the Bible, mostly English language versions (recently updated)


The poetry of Alice K. Howell

Wherein I have transcribed a little notebook of my Grandma Howell's poetry. 

Bible & Prayer Book

A blog where I journey through the Bible, following various versions of The Book of Common Prayer. I haven't maintained this blog very regularly, but I will be writing new posts in 2024, as I use the BCP as a guide through Lent.

Just a few more old blogs

I do have just a few blogs out there that I started at some point, but rarely maintain anymore.

This doesn't mean I don't ever write new posts on these blogs, just that I sometimes forget they're there!